Lifesaving skills training for 10 schools in Surulere

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Lifesaving skills training for 10 schools in Surulere


The free Lifesaving skills training for 10 schools in Surulere district 4 objective of this training is to help the teachers, parents, and students know what to do when it comes to a health emergency and saving lives from accidents, and injuries, this Implementation of a school-based lifesaving skills program is to predict potential barriers and solutions. It will also prevent unnecessary death and avoid situations from getting out of hand.


This practical, qualitative exploratory training will be conducted in public and private schools and colleges. They will be focus group discussions (FGDs) with the students, the teachers, and the parents, after every training to ensure they get the confidence to take action whenever they are in such situation that will require these skills for saving lives. Join us in this campaign today, and make an impact and a difference to make a future.

We will record all the exercise and transcribe data from audio recordings and translate it into the English language. Finally, we will manually analyze the data using thematic analyses.

This free Lifesaving skills training in schools will help participants easily identify the significant barriers to performing lifesaving skills in an emergency in a low- and middle-income country.

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