Business Support and Empowerment program

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Business Support and Empowerment training program

Business Support and Empowerment program in Nigeria. Africa has a very high population increasingly, and entrepreneurs play a critical role in the financial economy of every African nation, yet Africa remains one of the poorest continents in the world. Many women struggle to succeed in their businesses, most especially in the rural area with no access to training and information, or secure the capital needed to grow their enterprises and break into the formal economy.

Nigeria is a nation with over 200 million people in the population with a very low business support system from the government which has led to many living in abject poverty, Leading to broken homes, many becoming beggars in the city, and many children losing their homes to live on the street.

Jagun Popova Life Changing Foundation, Free Business Support and Empowerment training program will be running this project instrumental to empowering up to 100 women and 50 men entrepreneurs monthly, to build the confidence and capability they need to manage and grow sustainable businesses.

The project will be 3 days of intensive business training, followed by 3 weeks of mentoring. 50 women and 25 men (Batch By Batch) will receive incubation support to kick-start their businesses, including one-on-one coaching, advanced business training, as well as links to networks, markets, and financial services. In addition, they would also be awarded with a start-up package including machinery and cash support to boost their business with ongoing advice from business experts. Join us in this campaign today, and make an impact and a difference to make a future.

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